Current minutes

LCSD QUARTERLY MEETING MINUTES Thursday, August 2, 2018 Rescheduled meeting





 WEDNESDAY, January 17, 2018 at 6:30pm

Note: The Quarterly Meeting was originally scheduled for Thursday, January 11th, however rescheduling was necessary in order to convene a quorum.

Call to Order/ Roll Call – Meeting was called to order at 6:40p.m. Present: were Gary Hubbard, President; Miller Newlon, VP/General Manager; Ellen Frost and Brian Stack, Directors; Conny Gut, Treasurer.  Absent: DeborahNottenkamper, Secretary.

 Welcome Guests No guests were in attendance.

Consent Agenda – Minutes from the Special Meeting on August 14, 2017 were reviewed and approved unanimously following a motion by Frost and Hubbard.

The Treasurer’s Report and P/L Statement were reviewed and accepted by a unanimous vote.

Balance per previous report                                             $64,835.37

County taxes received                     40,654.38

Interest Earned                                          4.35

Less payments                                  63,889.22

Current Period Balance as of 12/31/2017               $41,604.88

Miller Newlon will call the county tax assessor to determine how they compute our tax revenues because we are unable to match the AP statements with our actual funds received.

Ellen Frost will call our auditor, Bob Crosby for a full explanation of the Financial Transaction Report (FTR) and timing of full audits in the future.  (Please see the next page for an article from the California Special Districts Association regarding upcoming changes to this form).

*Encroachment Policy Draft Brian Stack reviewed the draft for the District Encroachment Policy and the Board will review his suggestions.  . This will be an agenda item at our next meeting and then the corrected draft will be submitted to legal counsel for further actions such as the need to create an ordinance or a resolution in case the Board has to collect payment for mitigating easements that property owners do not repair.

 New Business

Weed Abatement – A payment for $4,350 was ratified unanimously for this round of weed abatement.  It was important to move the spray date up in order to schedule the optimum time now that the rains have started.

 Notes for Future Meetings

 Gary Hubbard has collected the broken reflectors from the dip on Thistle and will reinstall them to prevent future breakage.

  1. The Board has been asked to monitor the erosion ditch on Dian Stephen’s property on Windmill Place since heavy rains may affect the side of the road and her driveway. She was unable to attend the rescheduled meeting to make this request as a part of new business.
  2. Miller Newlon will have the cost of living figures so that we can consider whether the assessment will need to be changed.
  3. We will need to complete Form 700 for all Board members by next meeting.

Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Next Quarterly Meeting will be held on April 12, 2018 at 6:30

Respectfully Submitted: Ellen Frost